Money Making Tool ~ Skimlinks Affiliate Network

Use Skimlinks to make money blogging
Hi! I want to introduce an affiliate program to you. In my eBook, I mention that affiliate networks are a great way to make money from your blog. If you’re looking for ease of use and don’t want to join and keep track of multiple networks, Skimlinks is the network for you. Skimlinks is a great affiliate program for those just starting out in the affiliate game. It’s also a nice compliment to a seasoned vet’s affiliate program arsenal. I use it on a couple of my other sites for merchants with whom I do not have existing relationships with. Skimlinks boast a library of over 17,000 merchants. That’s right, 17 thousand! So basically, if you want to get paid for promoting a link to just about ANY store, Skimlinks is the affiliate for you!

It’s so easy to use! You simply add a bit of code to your site and Skimlinks (in a millisecond) turns your direct links into affiliate links! So you can write your content as usual and make money! You will also be able to turn on Skimwords, which will turn certain keywords into affiliate links. That option isn’t for everyone, but it works great if you decide to use it.

Click the link below for a short walk-through of the Skimlinks dashboard and what it’ll look like when you set up your account.

Click here to see the tutorial video on using Skimlinks.


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