10 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make as a Blogger

new years resolutions for bloggers

Well, 2015 is already creeping up (or is here, depending on when you are reading this) and it’s time to make some blogging resolutions. Several of these, I am making for my own sites. New Year’s is such a great time to re-evaluate and try to start fresh in a few areas. I plan on doing this and recommend you do the same! 2015 will be the year that we take our business to the next level and I hope that’s the case for you as well!

Explore YouTube
If you have been ignoring YouTube, it’s time to face the music. Get over your shyness and start making some videos. Whether they are tutorials, daily vlogs, weekly recaps or whatever, start building your YouTube channel ASAP. It’s pretty clear that YouTube is becoming very popular with advertisers and is a widely underutilized business tool for bloggers.

Perfect your consistency.
If you’ve been blogging twice one week and 5 times the next, then following that up with a post-less 3rd week, it’s time to get consistent. In general, people like to know what to expect when it comes to how often you post. Feel free to keep people on their toes about the actual content, but maintain consistency when it comes to releasing your content.

Start disclosing!
I still see tons of bloggers doing sponsored posts without disclosing the fact that the content is paid for. This is against the terms set forth by the FTC and the penalties are only going to increase in 2015. Plus, why try to hide the fact that your content is paid. Shouldn’t your readers know something is sponsored on your blog?

Consume other content – but do so very particularly.
Read, watch or listen to content from the leading bloggers and entrepreneurs related to your industry. It’s easy to get caught up in the feel-good content that is full of fluff that we all like hearing. The fact is, you’re taking time to consume this content, so try and make it actually meaningful. Some of my favorites are Gary Vaynerchuck’s #AskGaryVee show, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, and John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire, who has a ton of podcasts that you can sort through to listen to people relevant to you industry. I also regularly find helpful relevant content on ProBlogger.net.

Engage with your readers.
Respond to comments more often. Visit other blogs and leave comments. Share content from people in your network. Ask questions and acknowledge responses. Reach out to followers on social media for advice.

Commit to the direction of your blog.
Is it going to be a business? Treat it like one. Make investments where necessary. (ie: Premium PicMonkey, Email service, hire a VA, etc.) Are you a fashion blog? Be sure you have a plan to product consistent fashion-related content. Want to incorporate more food on your blog? Have a plan so the content doesn’t run out after a month.

Stay on your toes.
The internet is changing every single day. SEO, social networks and everything else is changing all of the time, and it’s up to you do adapt. Look into Snapchat. Don’t ignore up and coming networks like Ello, Medium and whatever else will pop up in 2015. Commit to maintaining an open mind and exploring the many options that pop up seemingly every other week.

Analyze your blog’s design and performance.
Take a step back and look at your blog as a reader. Better yet, ask a few of your friends to look at your blog and give you an honest view of what they think is going on with every single thing they see there. Do they recognize ads as ads? Do they know the banner in your sidebar highlighting a segment on your blog is actually content produced by you and not an ad?

As far as performance goes: analyze every banner and ad on your blog for performance. If any ad is not making more than $50/month for you, it’s time to re-think it. That’s not to say you should delete it, just think about maybe an alternative ad, or consider moving the ad somewhere else. I completely pulled that $50 number out of the air – you have to decide what your magic number is.

Get back to basics.
If your content has suffered because you are spending too much time focusing on Instagram or Pinterest, it’s time to re-evaluate and get back to basics. Focus on great blog content. After all, you’re most likely building your social networks to push traffic to your blog. Don’t forget to keep your blog interesting and fresh. I am guilty of this one on my own site, and will look to correct this in 2015.

Be more selective.
I mostly mean with your time. Does every email you receive really warrant a reply? Hint: any email that starts with “Dear Sir/Madam” does not need a reply. Additionally, is that sponsored post that requires original photos, social promotion across 4 networks and links back really worth $40? Think about everything that you are putting effort into right now and re-evaluate.

That’s all I’ve got! What do you think?
Will you be making any blogging New Year’s resolutions?

More Low Competition Keywords for YOU!

low competition keyword ideas

It’s been a while since I posted my original low competition niche site ideas post and I figured it was time for some more!

The only thing I asked before is that if you use any of these keywords and need hosting, consider using HostGator. It’s no extra cost to you and helps me out a bit. You can actually save 25% when you use coupon code EASYKEYWORDS at checkout.

I should also note that if you plan on adding a niche site to your portfolio and are going to use your existing sites to help build links to the new site, it’s best to get a separate hosting account. Google has recently picked up on people boosting their own sites by including a “sniffer” in their algorithm that dings sites on the same hosting IP linking to each other.

What does this mean? If you plan on doing a niche site, go all in and spend the $5 or so a month to get a separate HostGator account for the new site. Remember EASYKEYWORDS saves you 25%.

Ok, onto the keywords. First of all, I use Long Tail Pro to quickly and easily find awesome keywords that have high search volume and low competition. The keywords you see below were found by me in about 15 minutes of searching. Each of them, with a little work, can turn into a nice money-making site.

Long Tail Pro makes finding keywords a breeze. Pretty much every time I have an idea for a blog post, I spend 10-15 minutes in LTP doing some light keyword research. Countless times, I have modified the wording to avoid going after an impossible-to-rank-for keyword. I definitely recommend checking it out today.

Ok, below are the keywords. I’m not going to lay it all out for you, because I think it’s fairly clear how each site idea would make money. Ones revolving around products could make money on Amazon and through other affiliate programs. Relationship based words can make a killing on the extremely high CPC dating affiliate sites. These methods are all in addition to AdSense, which is always an idea for passive income.

I have pasted these as an image, so as to not increase any competition for these keywords.

low competition keywords

There you go!

I really think there are some great niches there. Take the stroller keyword for example. Double strollers average about $150 on Amazon, so you’re looking at about $8-$10 per sale depending on your commission level. Those commissions can add up quickly!

Remember, it’s a good idea to separate the hosting plans (in addition to Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools/AdSense) if you’re going to be linking to your niche sites with your other sites.

Good luck!

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