6 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Publish Your Next Blog Post

6 questions to ask yourself before you publish a blog post
While not every post has to be the best of the best, there are some things that every post should have and should do. Here are 6 basic questions that you should ask yourself before you publish your next blog post.

1. Does the post reflect your brand/voice?
You should be writing posts that reflect your brand, your goals and your personality. Ask yourself this question over and over a few times if you’re posting sponsored content. It is so important that each of your blog posts reflect your voice and your message. People can sniff out phony words a mile away.

2. Did you include a point for discussion?
If you post doesn’t naturally create a discussion, ask a question or two at the end. You want to create a discussion and a sense of community around your post.

3. Is the post easy to read?
Big, long paragraphs without breaks are kinda hard to read. You’ve got a blog not a novel. This isn’t to say you can’t make a 2,000 word post, you should just break it up a bit with line breaks, photos, bullets, etc.

4. Is this post unique?
Do you have similar posts on your own site? Maybe change the topic a bit. Do other blogs have similar posts out already? Consider shifting your subject a bit so your post is unique.

5. Does the post include helpful links?
Here, I mean links that are helpful for you and your readers. If you can insert an affiliate link in the post, do so. If you can link back to a previous related post of your own, do so.

6. Is the spelling and grammar correct?
Please, just proofread. You’re not expected to be perfect, but it’s obvious when you don’t proofread.

What are some things you do before publishing every post?


    • says

      I like number 3 especially. Nothing scares people off like a big block of text. I always keep my paragraphs three lines max– looks like you do the same, Zach : )

      • Zack Reyes says

        Ya I am working on it! I struggle a bit sometimes with this site because I get to explaining something and it turns out to be long-winded. Although I try and break it up with pics and screenshots if nothing else.

  1. says

    I know the power of guest blogging.That’s why i always try to write guest posts on my niche related blogs.But i don’t cover these points before submitting guest post.From now on wards i strictly follow these points to get more traffic and more followers.Thank you

    • Zack Reyes says

      Guest blogging is a great thing, but yes you should definitely ask yourself these things when guest blogging as well as on your own blog posts!

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